Friday, February 02, 2007


Interesting. Looks like it's a good thing I never tried to dye my hair. Hmmm... black clothing can cause reactions too? I wonder if I'm actually allergic to the dye in that red sweater of mine, as opposed to just the mordant? (Of course, I'm not positive that I'm allergic to the sweater...)


Deneen said...

Hmmm...I get that eczema reaction to certain shampoos and I can't use too many sunblocks (and scarily, have found it better not to use any). I thought it was the PABA in the sunblock and some shampoos make my head itch madly. I dyed my hair, but that was a million years ago and haven't in the past 18 years, but was considering starting because of fear of gray.

I wear a lot of black and never noticed anything there. Hmmmmmmm

Daph said...

Oh, that is interesting. Thanks for the link! I didn't know that about the temporary tattoos, either, and of course as the mother of an 8 y.o. -- we have tons of those in the house, lol.