Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Birthday Weekend, Etc

Thanks everyone who's left a contest entry so far, it's been great reading them! If you haven't yet, you have until the end of today, and I'll pick winners tomorrow morning. :)

Well, the rest of my birthday weekend was also wonderful. Saturday I slept in a bit, then called my sweetie in Barbados. After that came breakfast, more sleeping, knitting, more sleeping, then finally a shower and getting up. ;) My brother, grandma, and a friend all came over for dinner, which was really yummy! My mom cooked shrimp, green beans, and rice. Mmmm! Plus her terrific cake for dessert! After dinner my friend and I watched the version of Pride and Predjudice that came out about a year ago and knit. :) I like the version with Colin Firth as Darcy better, but this was a nice version too.

Sunday was another relaxing day with more knitting. :) I had thought of going to see some of the Festival du Voyageur, but I really felt like being lazy. ;) I got to talk to my J Sunday night too. :)

My wonderful weekend continued into a great Monday where I made a bunch more progress on my dissertation. Monday night was a bit of a downer, though. My brother was being a twit, my advisor didn't show up for our scheduled meeting, and I missed a chance to talk to J on the phone. I decided to go to bed early. Luckily J called me back a bit later, so I got to talk to him. :) Free long distance plans sure do help with long-distance relationships.

Tuesday I drove my dad to the airport in the morning, then drove to H's place. H gave me a chocolate chocolate chip moose cookie for my birthday! :) Yum! Thanks H!
Chocolate Moose Cookie

Oh, presents! That reminds me... I got two turtlenecks from my grandma, and two pair of pajamas (one winter, one summer) from Mom and B. My friend M gave me a really neat black and white print of a mushroom that she took with a large-format camera. (M has lots of artistic talent.)

Back to Tuesday... at lunch time (both Monday and Tuesday, actually) H, L and I went for a half hour power walk. :) I've decided that I need to burn off some of these spare calories I'm consuming. ;) We also stopped by the bookstore, and I saw something really cute that I'm considering getting for J if it's on sale on Thursday. ;) I didn't get much work done, but that's life. Since I had driven in, I was able to bring home some bulky plastic bins L gave me a while back, so that was good. :)

After I got home I took Nicky for a walk (which I've already blogged about), and was rather damp when I got back in! I went downstairs to change my shirt, and I woke up my computer to see if I had any mail. As soon as I had a dry t-shirt on, my advisor called! So we had a 15 minute meeting that was quite nice... except for the fact that I was cooling off after my exercise, and sitting in a cold basement in just a t-shirt and jeans was rather chilling.

After dinner my brother, B and I watched Cars and I knit on the blankie some. I was tired, so I decided to go to bed early. I called J, then went to get into my new pajamas for bed... and realized the dog on my new pajamas looks an awful lot like an excited Nicky! Ow! ;)
Pajama Print

Boy, am I ever stiff this morning! Mom is stiff too, and wanted to know if the weather was bothering me too. I said I couldn't tell... not with all the Nicky aches!

I hope you have a lovely Valentine's day today. I wish I were with my sweetie, but I'll be thinking about him all day! I'll be back later (probably, unless I get caught up with other stuff) with another post, reminiscing about that romantic day in New York last fall. :)
Purple Heart


Deneen said...

Sounds like a terrific birthday to me (although not with J, but still terrific).

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

Bethany said...

I spent the afternoon of Feb 10th working on a paper. Does that count as something fun? :-)

(I did go to a tarot reading party that evening, though. And, we submitted the paper the following day.)

Daph said...

Sounds like a really great weekend! :) Happy Birthday -- and Happy Valentine's day, too! xoxo

dragon knitter said...

lessee, my feb 10th.

i got up earlier than normal for a saturday (about 9) and rousted the kids and got them to do their chores (if they do them, i don't have to, that's a major happiness). i got 1 load of laundry done, so i had clean socks to wear!

then we went to arby's for lunch since they've got fish sandwiches right now (they so rock for fast food fish sandwiches!). my daughter called, and we had an actual adult converstion! (she's 21, so we're still kinda doing the mom/kid thing).

then i went to Church of Craft with Lime & Violet. the boys were actually quiet! woohoo! i also ran into a lady i had known before when i had been learning to spin, so we caught up.

called hubby to let him know we were stopping to pick up son #1's assignment sheet, (he gets saturday afternoons, since i get thursday nights), and he offered t o let us come home early, since he was bored. son #2 vetoed it because he wanted to look for a book at my house (we both own houses, but are living in hubbie's right now).

i got to spin the yummiest superwash called goblin elbows blue dyed by tara (her stuff is at we came home, and ordered out from applebees, and had a yummy dinner.

a wonderful day!