Sunday, February 11, 2007

Babies, Babies, Everywhere!

Baby Bib 'O Love

Several of my friends will be popping out babies this year. Seems like a good excuse for knitting to me! I won't be blogging items made for friends who read my blog, but this is for a friend who doesn't. ;)

It's hard to see in the photo, but there's two hearts in reverse stockinette on a stockinette background, with garter stitch edging. Besides that, it's basically the Mason-Dixon baby bib o' love pattern. I think I may have gotten the straps a bit short, but I took the yarn as far as it would let me. (Bernat balls are a wee bit small for this pattern. at least, the variegated ones are.) The colour is "swimming pool". I still need to add a button.


Deneen said...

Cute-I have been thinking about crocheted bibs as gifts lately.

Paulina said...

May I suggest a snap instead of a button? I don't have my kid just yet, but my general impression is that with the young ones, snaps are much quicker and easier to deal with than buttons. You also don't have to worry about the kid pulling the buttons off and eating them, though that's less likely to be a problem with a bib.

Also, turns out the size on those booties you made may not be that far off. My friends' 9-month old that I saw on Saturday actually does have fairly large feet already, and while he's taking a few solo steps, he isn't full-on walking just yet. They gave me a pair of store-bought booties that he has outgrown, and they looked to be about the same size as the pair of booties you knit. So I guess babies' feet do grow faster than I thought. ;) Of course, I'll try to let you know how all this works out in practice on my own kid. :)

noricum said...

Crocheted bibs would be fun. :)

I think I'm going to stick with buttons... they're cute, I already have buttonholes knit into the bib, I already have a button, and my past experience with snaps sold to be sewn on is that they suck. Plus, the thickness/cushiness of the knit would make it hard to snap the snap togther.

I also sew my buttons on really securely (more so than other's I've seen), so we shouldn't have any button-eating issues. ;)

Thanks Paulina! :)