Sunday, February 04, 2007


Sock Blockers

These are from my neighbour's garage. I checked, and she doesn't want them, and is happy for me to find new homes for them. For scale, they're on 12" floor tiles, and there's a crochet sock of mine (ladies 9) on the far left. I'm wondering if these are meant for men's feet, but I have no experience with sock blockers. (I don't block my socks.) There is one pair of the wooden blockers, and five single metal ones.

Here are the rules:
1. Deneen gets first dibs (because she keeps pestering me commenting that she's interested, and is the reason I remembered to photograph and post them).
2. First come, first served (besides Deneen).
3. You pay shipping, whatever form you prefer. (Likely not cheap... this is Canada Post.)
4. Say how many of each you want in the comments (so others have an idea of what's taken), then e-mail me your address and preferred shipping method. I'll get back to you on the cost. (Only what is shown is available... and not the sock. ;) If someone changes their mind after they know the cost, I'll post an update in the comments.)

I happened to be in an antique store, and noticed they had some of the metal ones there. They were being sold for $2 each... so you might be able to get these cheaper locally. Since the store was selling them cheap, I don't feel right asking anything for them. However, I'd appreciate if, in addition to shipping, you included something (gift, $, something) for the old lady who let me raid her garage. Knitters/crocheters are nice, so I'll trust your judgement to decide what's fair. (Feel free to run ideas past me.)

Update: I forgot to mention that they have a vintage "stored in the garage patina", which I'll leave on in case you like that sort of thing. Otherwise, I suggest cleaning them a bit before use.


Stariel said...

If Deneen doesn't take the wooden ones by some chance, I'd definitely be interested. What size are they?

Deneen said...

Pestering is such a harsh word. I was just fascinated they would have them as decor all over your part of Canada, when I never saw these things anywhere in my neck of the woods. Sheesh.I would like the wooden ones please.

Knittah said...

Wah! I wanted the wood ones! If stariel and deneen are overcome by yarn fumes or something, I'll take the wood ones. *waft* *waft* You smell the yarn fumes, dontcha?

Deneen said...

Ha! Pestering-commenting, whatever! I know what you meant, but no one else did. For the record, I didn't ask if they were available or anything, just amazed people have them laying about so willy-nilly!

I'm not that thin skinned Andrea, really. Pest is the least nasty thing I can think of to be called :)

noricum said...

At two bucks a pop (or raiding a garage), can you blame them? ;) If I wasn't already storing too much crap (and knew they'd get more use elsewhere), I'd be tempted to do the same myself!

Nicole said...

Everyone seems to want the wooden ones, so the wire ones must be lonely for attention! I'd be thrilled to have one of the wire ones. =o)