Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Contest Winners

Gee... it's sure taken me long enough! Sorry to keep you all waiting. Now... where did I put those entries... found them. Looks like I have thirteen entries. I don't feel like picking favourites. Okay, I'll write them all down in a list, then use a random number generator.


The winners are: Deneen and Vera! Congrats!

Deneen... I still have your measurements from the last time I made you socks... have they changed?

Vera, please e-mail me your mailing address and measurements. Here's the measurements I'll need:
1. how long your foot is from toe to heel,
2. its circumference, and
3. a few circumference measurements on the leg (and what height those measurements are taken at)
4. Plus how tall you prefer your socks to be.

Thanks to everyone who entered. :) Oh... and if you are sad you didn't win, I'll make socks for you if you send me sock yarn. ;)


Deneen said...

Yippee! I redid the measurements and my length from of my foot is 9", 8" around taken 3" up from my ankle bone (leg circumference), foot circumference is 8" (around the ball of my foot?).

noricum said...

Thanks! So your legs are thinner than last time. :) I take it you still like short socks?

Vera H. said...

Oh wow! This is very exciting. I love your socks. I'll get my meaurements to you soon.

Nancy said...

You'll make me socks!??!!?!? How way cool is that!? How much yarn would you need? I might be totally into this!

noricum said...

Sure. :) If I have too many on my "to do" list I may ask you to wait, but I rather like making socks, and sock yarn is expensive. Plus, I have way too many for me already. ;)

I need 100g of sock yarn unless you have unusually large feet or like really tall socks.

Bron said...

Congrats to the winners!

And I'm sorry about the "being single again" stuff. :(