Thursday, February 15, 2007


More!More!More!More!More!More!More!More! Pleeeeeeeeeease!

Sheesh... after an hour long walk, near the end of which I noticed him bleeding a wee bit on the side of his foot, and he *still* didn't want to stop! Kibble? Naw! He wanted more walking! More, more, more!

I don't know what's up with his foot. B thinks maybe he cut it on a bit of ice. We wiped it off, and I refused to walk him more... I want him to take a break, even if he doesn't want to. I've also e-mailed dad.

Today I wore my regular shoes and some winter grippy things, and my feet feel somewhat better than after walking in Sorels. For the most part, the weather wasn't too bad. However, the wind really got me at one point. Once again, it took forever to warm up again afterwards. *sigh* You'd think my blubber that makes the scale say nasty things could at least be useful for something! ;)

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