Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Allergies vs Weather

My knee's been bothering me lately, it's been snowing lately, and I stopped taking my antihistamines lately. (Mom keeps suggesting wheat might be causing my "arthritis".) For an update, my knee is still bothering me, it's still the same kind of weather, and I'm still not taking antihistamines. What *has* changed is that starting last night I've started noticing more allergy symptoms. (Somewhat itchy eyes, a bit of a stuffy nose.) That reminded me that antihistamines stay in your system for quite a while. Thus, the knee acting up isn't likely related to stopping the antihistamines.

Another sign that it might be the weather? The wind is from the south-east. This is Manitoba, folks. Our weather *always* comes from the west. (We live in the path of the jet stream.) I don't think I've *ever* seen clouds moving north-west. That's some funky weather.

Also, mom and B are also having joint problems.

Of course, that doesn't mean wheat isn't making things worse.


Deneen said...

We've been having sinus problems, big ones here. My joints are bad too and I am blaming the frigid weather we've had. I can go out to the bus stop at 8:00 AM and I swear the cold settles in my left ankle, lower back-arthritis is what I am thinking-I don't eat much wheat at all.

I want it warm for the temperatures, but dread the Spring allergies Elena gets (even on Zyrtec). It's tough being such a sensitive soul (LOL)

omly said...

Have you been having a lot of low pressure systems in your area (often accompanied by rain/snow, but not always). I was having similar symptoms recently and went to see my sister the massage therapist. She said women are sometimes more sensitive to long periods of low pressure like that. Making sure you stay super hydrated can help in such a case. And if it isn't the case, you certainly haven't hurt anything by trying.

noricum said...

Thanks, I'll try that. We have been having lots of snow lately.

Deneen: I dread spring allergies too. I'm hoping they'll be better up here in Winnipeg than down in Chapel Hill.