Monday, December 12, 2005


This weekend I battled the porcupine:
The Porcupine
and won:
Weasley Ornament
This one is for K, and I've started another for myself. :) I had originally thought of doing one for all my family, but started too late. No, I'm not going to drive myself crazy making them. ;)

I used the HeartStrings Holiday Sweater Ornament pattern, but modified the neck and hem to match the weasley pattern. (It doesn't actually roll, but does sort of look similar.)

Yes, I cheated on the letter. I tried duplicate stitching it, but it wasn't looking right. I think this letter looks fine. ;)


KelliAmanda said...

And I love it love it love it!!!

Rebecca said...

soo stinkin cute!! i'm terrified of the dpns - suggestions on concurring it?