Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Tale Of Two Sock Bags

My regular sock bag got packed on Saturday, and thus disappeared temporarily. Sunday I travelled to and from spinning class without my sock bag... reading a book on the bus instead of listening to podcasts and knitting socks felt so unusual! (It's been a long time...) Sunday night I put together a temporary sock bag, which I started using Monday morning.

Well, yesterday I was putting something away, and found my regular sock bag! Yay! Funnily enough, it was right where I thought it might be. WTF didn't I look where I thought it might be?!?

This reminds me of conversations I had with my mom as a child:
"Mom? Where's the scissors?"
"On the table."
"Where? I can't see them?"
"They're right in front of you."
"I still can't see them! Can you point to them?"
(Mom grumpily points.)
"Ah! *There* they are! I couldn't see them before! Thanks!!!"
It used to drive my mom batty... but I *honestly* couldn't see them.

At any rate, as of last night I had both sock bags:
Two Sock Bags
Emergency Sock Bag and WIP Regular Sock Bag and WIP
...which meant I had to decide which to use this morning. Since the new socks were farther along, I went with them. (I'm making socks for someone with smaller feet. Even then, I'm rather astounded that I'm already over halfway through the second sock as of this afternoon!)

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