Friday, February 08, 2008

Crafty Thoughts

I think I'll use the $50 my grandma gave me for my birthday for a class given by Prairie Stained Glass. I haven't decided which, yet, but I plan on having fun. :)

Speaking of having fun, a member of my knitting group sent out a link to a video at the Winnipeg Sun about a handspun exhibit at the Manitoba Crafts Museum. I know what I'll be doing Saturday! (I was going to have a party on Saturday, but life has been so busy... and I'm exhausted when I do get slow periods... that I've decided to postpone it. However, I should do *something* fun on this weekend, right?)

Other things planned for this weekend:

• Make a case for my spinning wheel, so I'll have an easier time taking it on the bus to the spinning class next Sunday.

• Go shopping at Mitchell's Fabrics to buy a zipper and any additional material required for said case.

• Grocery shopping and laundry, of course.

• Moving over a few boxes of stuff that will be living in the living room wall units. (It didn't happen last weekend... not with doing stuff with my dad, and then not feeling that great.)

• Line the remaining two kitchen drawers (or however far I get with the roll of drawer liner I got at the dollar store... it doesn't look like much).

• Buy glue at the hobby store so I can fix my sock bag button.

I have other things I'd like to do too, but I'm sure the above won't leave any time!

Update: I meant to mention one more thing in this post... Pfirsh told me about a Winnipeg DIY Fest in March. Cool! I want to check it out. :) Thanks Pfirsh!

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