Sunday, February 03, 2008


I got some lovely mail on Friday. The package from Sara had actually arrived on Wednesday, but I wasn't home to receive it. I could have picked it up on Thursday, but Thursday was still bloody cold. The weather was more bearable on Friday, so I stopped at the post office on my way home from work, and then walked home from there. When I stopped in at my apartment to check my mail there, I also had a lovely card from Jennie, welcoming me to my new apartment. (Which I still haven't really moved into a month after I started paying for it... *sigh*... stupid falling-on-ice-and-cracking-ribs!) Thank you Sara and Jennie!
Wow... will you look at all those lovely washcloths that Sara sent me?!? I must admit, seeing the to-be-woven-in ends on this one gave me a good laugh:
Made Me Laugh
I'm not sure if that cloth was a last-minute addition, or if it was just sneaky and hid the fact that it still had ends hanging out. (They were well tucked behind it in the stack, so I can easily understand how they might have been missed. So Sara, thank you for both the cloths and the laugh!

I have such kind online friends. :) Thank you all! You make me smile.


Sara said...

No i did not notice them and I'm red-faced! Sorry!

noricum said...

Like I said... not a problem, it was a fun laugh!