Friday, February 08, 2008

Celtic Knot Sweater

The Celtic knot sweater is progressing. On Wednesday night I got to the knot, but didn't like how it was turning out:
Celtic Knot Sweater WIP Celtic Knot Sweater WIP
...not, of course, that you can see how it looks with these flash photos. Thursday night I frogged back a few rows, picked up the stitches, and continued on with a much nicer start to the knot:
Celtic Knot Sweater WIP
(not that you can see that, either)... until I discovered that I forgot to do the "increase five" on each side of the central part two rows back. Whoops! *sigh*. At least this yarn is fairly easy to pick up the stitches. :P

I am enjoying this sweater (even if I was enjoying it more when it was just plain stockinette), and I know I'll enjoy wearing it. :) I'm looking forward to having a new "wear lots" sweater. My two current favourites are showing that they won't last forever. :(

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