Monday, February 04, 2008


I stopped off at the post office this morning, and the package was from Deneen. Thanks Deneen!!! She sent me the book "Felted Crochet", which I've wanted (it's mostly straightforward stuff, but having the patterns is nicer than having to do all the math myself), Regia Cotton Surf sock yarn for a pair of socks, and some more sock yarn scraps for my blanket. :) Hmmm... one of the scrap yarns is Knit Picks' sock garden which says hand wash. I checked Ravelry, and some people have used in felting projects... so I guess I'll be using it for one of the book's projects instead. ;)

Thanks Deneen!


Deneen said...

Oh crap, I forgot about the superwash aspect-the other is superwash though. Make the scissor cozy-I did :)

Wendy said...

Yep,I made the mistake of making my mom socks with sock garden...they now fit my almost 4 yo.

noricum said...

Deneen: I noticed. ;) Yeah, that's what I'm thinking of making from the yarn. :) Thanks so much!! I don't mind that it's not superwash... I'll use it, just differently.

Wendy: whoops! Thanks for the info.