Saturday, February 16, 2008

My First Handspun Sock Yarn

I'm feeling rather proud of what I spun. :) (Note: spun from my A Piece of Vermont superwash merino roving, colourway Grotto.)

Here it is right after being plied, before soaking:
A Piece of Vermont, Grotto
(It was all twisty because the singles had sat on the bobbins for quite a while.) First soak (with Eucalan):
A Piece of Vermont, Grotto
There was some bleeding into the water, which I expected since I could tell there was more dye than had been absorbed by the fiber. I put in a chug of vinegar, though, just in case, when I confirmed that there was indeed bleeding.
Second soak (plain water):
A Piece of Vermont, Grotto
Wrung and hanging to dry:
A Piece of Vermont, Grotto A Piece of Vermont, Grotto
My lovely, balanced sock yarn:
A Piece of Vermont, Grotto
Top: Two ply, as much as would fit on one bobbin. (81.3 g, 390 yds = 357 m)
Middle: Two ply, until one bobbin ran out. (21.7 g, 116 yds = 106 m)
Bottom: Navajo three ply. (8.8 g, 34 yds = 31 m) (I may use this for heels... I wonder how many yards I actually use for heels?)

Total weight was 111.8 g = 3.9 oz... a bit less than the labelled 4 oz, but then I'm in Winnipeg where it's super dry right now (wool can change a lot in weight depending on humidity, and I weighed it before washing), and there were a few little fluffies lost here and there.

Wow... I got a lot of yardage out of this! The Navajo plied bit looks like it's a more durable yarn, but I would have been a bit short crocheting socks if I had three plied all of it. Perhaps I'll try to get it a smidge thinner next time (or at least lessen the thick spots) and try a three ply. If I'm short, I can always knit socks instead of crocheting them, since crochet does use up the yarn a tad quicker. (Not as much faster as some people would have you believe, but still a bit faster.)

Oooo... I just realized I'll be able to use some of my very own *handspun* sock yarn in my blanket!!!

This pair of socks will be next after the LoveSticks. I could have been working on them already, but I wanted to leave them in skein form for show & tell tomorrow with Francine. Speaking of Francine, I should go to bed so that I'm not exhausted for my spinning class tomorrow! Good night!


Knittah said...

Really really gorgeous!

Deneen said...

Wonderful Andrea! Inspiring!

Sallie said...

This yarn is fabulous! I love the colors.

Bron said...

Wow! That's gorgeous yarn! I'm really impressed, Andrea. :)

noricum said...

Thanks everyone!!!