Thursday, February 14, 2008


The other day I lost one of the clips that keeps my headphones on (I have the type that clips to each ear). Yesterday I simply didn't listen to podcasts on the bus because of it, today I borrowed one of the free ones my mom got when flying. The free headphones were *terrible*... the jack didn't want to stay in, so it kept switching to a single ear or no signal altogether, and even when I did have both ears working, I could barely hear the podcast over the surrounding noise. So, since I had a few minutes this morning, I headed over to the university bookstore to see what they had for headphones.

First funny thing: Maxell had two of the clip on types that were *identical* when it comes to the specifications on the back, the only difference was that one was labelled "deluxe", was orange, and cost $3 more. (Huh?)

Since the non-deluxe ear clips were only $5, I decided to buy a pair, even though there's still hope that I'll find the missing clip. Having a back-up pair isn't a bad thing. Hopefully they'll sound decent.

Second funny thing: While waiting in line, I was idly looking at the specifications on the back. They're given in English, French, and Spanish. (That's not the funny part.) The funny part? In English, the measurements are given in Imperial, but in French and Spanish they're given in metric. Even funnier? The French cord length is .92 m, and in Spanish it's 90 cm. Hee hee!

(Do I have a strange sense of humour?)

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