Friday, February 01, 2008

State of Me

Mom asked how things were going, and, since I've been pretty busy lately, I decided to reuse what I wrote as a blog post to keep my friends updated too. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone. It's not an exciting stone, but it does prove that I'm still alive. ;) Here's what I wrote:
Nothing much is happening with me. Office hours are madly busy some days (like yesterday), mostly busy most times, and on occasion (like today) slow.

My ribs are feeling better, but they still say hello if I stretch or press on them... so they're healing, but not healed.

I'm thinking of moving a few things this weekend... like the glass for the wall unit, my stereo, and knick-knacks and books that I plan to keep on the wall units. Ie, all stuff that has an "away", and doesn't have to sit in boxes waiting for it's corresponding furniture to arrive, and then get in the way when I'm trying to move said furniture. I'll have to have some stuff like that later, but I'm sure the things I've already listed will keep me busy... especially after I budget time for sleeping in, laundry, grocery shopping, visiting Sophie, cooking and eating, etc. I want to get a bit of relaxing done this weekend, because the Help Centre was quite crazy with the first year assignment that was due yesterday. I want to de-frazzle a bit. ;)

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