Saturday, February 23, 2008

And Then The Hurricane Hit...

When mom says something is going to happen, it does.

Mom said I was moving out on Saturday. I looked at the contents of my room, figured we could get most of it, but also figured there would be some non-daily-essential stuff left over that would be moved later.

However, when mom decides something, it happens.

Well, mostly. There was *one* thing left behind, but only because it doesn't fit in the car, and we decided that it would be too heavy for two people to carry a block and a half in the snow and ice. (Mom didn't decide this until after she tried to lift it. Then she admitted it will have to wait... I'll be hiring our neighbours who have pick-up trucks and are in shape from being handy-men... they're away for the weekend, though.)

It sure is amazing how much stuff I had in that one basement room. It is now spread out in three rooms (my bedroom, my office, and the living room) *plus* the hallway. I'd show you photos, but my camera cord is on the other side of the living room. (I think.) After the move, mom and I got my bed and dressers reassembled, then she headed back to her place. Since then I managed to get to my desk (and computer), I damp-dusted the three bookshelves that did make it over here, and... um... I know there's something else I did. (Besides eat dinner. I did that too. Mom was nice and ordered in pizza for all us tired mortals. She had to make her own, though, because she can't eat wheat. We were going to go out to eat, but all of us are so inexperienced in eating out that we couldn't think of any that were reasonably close and would have space on a Saturday night.)

Now... before tomorrow morning, I need to be able to get to the other side of the living room (my spinning wheel is there... I have the second half of the spinning class tomorrow), find my cutlery (not all of the kitchen was unpacked... I left some mainly because I needed to line the drawers first, and only finished that recently), and dig down to the bottom of the bucket that contains my toothbrush (at the bottom, naturally).

I'd like to find my sock bag too... I do have a bus ride tomorrow. I wonder where it ended up?...

PS: Dad finished the first bobbin for me... yay!!!

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