Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Painting in Progress

Painting in Progress

Ahhh! That felt good. :) I made it out to the art club for the first time in three weeks. If you're wondering what's changed since the last time, I'm taking out the last vestiges of the "cedars" that the teacher painted in. I still need to work on the green field with yellow highlights, but the rest are now gone.

Today started off on a rocky foot... I fell asleep on the bus, and no one woke me up at the university, which is the last stop. I woke up when I was most of the way back downtown... and ended up a half hour late for the tutoring session I had scheduled. Whoops! As a result, I didn't get time for lunch, and had to snack while helping students. Besides that, though, today was a lot calmer, and I managed to keep my sanity. ;) I got out by 4, chatted with a few people until 4:30, then headed home. There were no emergencies with S, dinner only made me run a little late, and then I had a fantastic time visiting and painting at the art club. :)


Wendy said...

When I lived in the Seattle area years ago, I use to commute to work on the bus. You do not know how many times I would fall asleep on the bus and end up miles and miles from where I needed to be...and, of course, late.

I started to sit by the bus driver and would make friends with her/him. That worked out pretty good because if I didn't get off, they would give me a nudge and then I would know I was at my stop.

noricum said...

I slept on the bus all the time in undergrad. Always, at the last stop (university) either someone would wake you up, or the bus driver would when he checked before starting the next route. I've never not been woken up before.