Sunday, February 03, 2008


I went over to water my plants, and discovered a parcel delivery slip. I had two reactions:
1. Mail!!!
2. Mail? I didn't order anything sent to this address... I wonder what it could be???

I took the slip off the door, then went in. I started putting up the compact fluorescent bulbs, and burst into my-body-can't-regulate-it's-temperature sweat. Hmmm... perhaps it's just that this apartment is warm? I took off my sweater, finished putting up the lightbulbs, and watered the plants that were already dry from last week's mid-week watering.

I wasn't sure if I should go to the post office or not, given that I've got this am-I-sick sweaty stuff... but I was too excited to find out what the package was, and it's a pretty nice temperature out. (It's a balmy -9C, windchill only -13C!) So, against my better judgement, I walked over... only to find out that the post office closes at 6 on Sundays. Grrr... I thought the point of having it in a 7-11 and staffed by incompetents was that it was open pretty much all hours!?

Plus I really got drenched with my-body-can't-regulate-it's-temperature sweat.

Besides a bit of a drippy nose (which means nothing, I have a drippy nose so often), I don't feel sick otherwise. So am I sick or not? If not, what's up with all this my-body-can't-regulate-it's-temperature sweat?


Katy said...

You have postal delivery on Sunday? And the post office is open on Sunday? That's awesome! (Even if they were closed by the time you got there) I hope that you feel better, and your body figures out how to regulate its temperature.

noricum said...

Normally there's no delivery on weekends, but if the package has enough postage on it (I'm not sure what level it requires), they'll try to deliver it on the weekend. Parcels are all sent out by truck, rather than with the regular postman.

The slip was actually left on Saturday, but since I'm not living there yet, I didn't find out until I went to water my plants today.

The post offices are all located in convenience stores and such these days, and the staff people are the regular convenience store staff with a little bit more training... but not nearly enough. It's really nice having decent hours, but I'm not sure it's worth having staff that can't figure out where your parcel is, or how much postage an item requires. (They mostly manage to get it right, amazingly. The software must be fairly idiot-proof.)

Penny said...

Yes we get deliveries of packages delivered by the postal truck person on Saturday and Sunday. The reason I know this is because I asked once when a parcel came on a weekend. I was told if they didn't deliver on the weekend they would never be caught up. BUT we don't get mail on Sat or Sun. Just packages that come by truck. I gather it those that won't fit in our mailboxes or are too big and too heavy for the mail person who walks to deliver.
Looking forward to finding out what goodies you got.

Deneen said...

Fascinating about the postal system there. Sorry it was my package-I thought it would be fun to get a package at your new addy.

noricum said...

Penny: Thanks for the info. I did get a small parcel in the mailbox today (4 oz of roving to make thrummed mittens), so perhaps it was under the cut-off.

Deneen: I was tickled to get a package! Thanks! It's not your fault I didn't check the hours that were printed right on the parcel slip. ;) (Every day besides Sunday, the "post office" is open 7-11... on Sunday, 12-6. :P )