Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Coulda Been A Contendah

Are there any contests for "worst sewn zipper"? Because I have a pretty strong entry. (It's a good thing I'm not trying to make a living as a seamstress! I really should stick to straight seams on non-slippery, non-stretchy fabric. And use more pins. And perhaps locate a zipper presser foot...) However, the zipper zips, unzips, is sturdy, and functional. Should anyone mock my seaming skills, I shall simply state that it serves it's purpose, and not let them get me down.

What am I talking about? Well, I now have a case for my spinning wheel! I designed the pattern myself:
Creating the pattern
(...using much math, measuring and scribbling.) The cutting of the pieces went well:
Cutting the fabric
My downfall, as usual, was the actual sewing. However, it fits, and it works. That is enough for me. (For now. Perhaps one day I'll decide to do a better seamed version.)
Functional and Sturdy Functional and Sturdy Functional and Sturdy
I've only put a short handle on so far. I plan to add a longer shoulder strap (hence the extra nylon webbing shown above), but I haven't quite decided how to place it.

I used a significant amount of thread on this... mostly on the dozens of seams holding the zipper on. ;)

At least I have a way to take my spinning wheel on the bus now!

I may add a bit of padding in places that will have to deal with the most wear... particularly under the metal wheel thingy that the treadle is attached to, since it rests on the ground when the wheel is folded. (I can't see fabric lasting long when it ends up between metal and, for example, concrete.

PS: Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Although I didn't have a party (or any cake for that matter), I did have a great weekend. I will have a party... but when life gets less crazy than it has been. ;) (Moving, a cracked rib, a new job, a stolen licence plate... for some reason I've been incredibly busy!)


Deneen said...

How did i miss your birthday! Happy Belated Birthday.

Cool wheel case-you are so crafty.

Dandy said...

that wheel bag is great!!

I could of never made a bag for mine..

you rock the sewing machine!!


noricum said...

Thanks. :)