Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oven Mitts

Last night it occurred to me that I'm actually going to need my new oven mitts soon (final move to my apartment scheduled for Saturday), and that I should felt them. I had been waiting to throw in a few other items I was planning on making (Deneen's bag, and now stuff from the book Deneen sent me), but, well, I haven't made them yet. So, here's the oven mitts, fulled/felted:
Oven Mitts Oven Mitts
I've included both photos to show you the funny browns. The two colours of browns are completely different in natural or incandescent light, but virtually indistinguishable in fluorescent light. Strange!

I pulled them on when I took them out of the washing machine. They're a bit long and narrow, but otherwise fine. They fit me like gauntlets, but people with wider arms will probably have problems. The "long" part is probably good for me... I have a tendency to touch my arms to hot parts of the oven when I'm not paying attention... which is more often than I'd like. (Frankly, once is once too many.)

They're sopping wet now, but hopefully they'll dry by when I need them. Otherwise I'll just use potholders.


Dianne said...

Those are really cool! No pun intended...

Deneen said...

You know, I use wool potholder as hotpads (I made em), but am afraid to use them as oven mitts or take anything out of the oven with em-yet I use the double thick cotton ones all the time. Maybe I am just paranoid. I would love to know how they worked!

noricum said...


The ignition temperature of cotton is 255 C, and wool is 600 C.

From this, I would think that wool is a much safer material than cotton for oven mitts. (However, cotton should be fine for most baking temperatures... 255 C = 491 F.)