Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pajama Day


Today is an unscheduled pajama day.

When I posted on Friday, I had forgotten that I had plans with my dad. Saturday we were going to see a movie (The Assassination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford... partially filmed in Winnipeg) and then dinner afterwards (the group we went with was a blast!), and then skating today.

However, last night I woke up several times, drenched in sweat. I wasn't sure if it was something I ate at dinner (MSG? no, it turns out there wasn't any) or if I'm coming down with something. Plus, my joints were hurting. They hurt enough that that fact was included in my bizarre dreams. (At one point in the dream I had tied my arm to my body in the hopes that my shoulder would stop hurting.) Speaking of bizarre dreams, I met a really nice guy in one of them. He was dating someone else, but I had hopes he would look me up if he broke up with his current girlfriend. (Not that he knew how to find my dream home, having met him downtown, late at night.)

Anyway, back from my digression. I decided that instead of skating, I should have a pajama day and just relax, in case I am coming down with a bug. It's nearly 6:00, and I haven't even showered yet. I will though... otherwise I'll feel icky tonight, and I want to put a load of laundry on to wash with all the pajamas I ended up wearing last night. (Three pair!!!)

I watched the birds at the bird feeder during my *late* breakfast. I went to get my digital point and click and my film SLR, but by then the cute little woodpecker had flown off. It's fun watching the woodpecker. She (no red cap) moves in such quick little bursts, punctuated by stillness. She likes to chirp too. I think she was happy that I finally noticed the suet was gone and replaced it yesterday. (Whoops... it turns out that what I thought was the suet poking out from behind the sunflower seed block was just the extra gelatin at the bottom of the sunflower seed block.)

It's been so long since I've used my SLR that I've forgotten what all the rings on the lens represent. I was able to focus with one of my big lenses, but the other still has me stumped. I'll have to get dad to remind me how it works.

I need to finish off the roll that's in the camera and get it developed... it's *way* past it's best before date.

Even though this is a pajama day, I want to put on real clothes and visit my apartment. I want to water my plants (they seem to dry quickly over there) and put in the new compact fluorescent bulbs I picked up yesterday. (I forgot to buy replacements when I returned the dud bulb package last weekend.) However, that little bit is much less than the packing and moving I had planned. Oh well... that's life.

I had thought of doing some sketching today, but ended up spending a couple of hours (I think... unless those hours got lost elsewhere) reading the online forums I'm responsible for at work.

Well, one more post, and then I think I'll have my shower and then dinner. (Penny: I haven't forgotten that you tagged me, I'll respond one day!)

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