Sunday, February 03, 2008

B is for Blanket, C is for Colour

B is for Blanket, C is for Colour

Since I'm behind on the ABC Along (I was supposed to have B posted by yesterday), I thought I'd try to get ahead by posting two letters today. ;) (Uh, yeah... this combined post is intentional, yeah... ;) )

I've been working on this blanket for about a year and a half now, I think. Yes, that's pretty close. I was dating J when I started, so my goal was to make this fit a queen sized bed. This was going to be "our" blanket, rather than "my" blanket.

I've been single again for around a year now, so I've been debating whether I should continue with the original queen-sized plans, or scale down to a twin. I'm getting close to where I'll need to make a decision. Will I ever be sleeping in something larger than a twin bed? Will it happen before this blanket wears out? Who knows. I can always make it big, and then use it folded... although having it the right size will be nicer. Perhaps I should just go for twin.

Although this blanket was going to be for two, I have not let my break-up poison my opinion of this WIP. I will still love it, both working on it, and when it is done.

B is for blanket, C is for colour. I love colour, and I love this blanket. Scraps of sock yarn have been kindly donated to me, allowing this blanket to grow and blossom faster than I can crochet socks myself. (Fast though that may be.) This blanket is full of the kindness of friends, and the kindness of strangers. Since I got a box of scraps from Shelly, who received scraps from many strangers, I will never know the source of all the squares. But I will know they are knitters (and crocheters), and that they will kindly donate yarn to people they don't know, so that every last scrap has a home. This is a blanket of love, even if it's only love for one. It's bright colours will one day be wrapped around me like a big hug.

I love this blanket. I love colour.


Sallie said...

I love this blanket. I love the colors and the squares. I would make it a queen size just because it is so beautiful.

wendy said...

How about a Full size? 54x75?