Thursday, February 28, 2008

I wanted a bath

I'm still feeling an oncoming cold. I wanted a bath, to relax in the hot water and breathe in the steam... but the tub was disgusting. It was so disgusting that I wasn't sure if it was just grime, if the finish had worn off the tub, or if someone had attempted to put a new finish on the tub, and that was coming off. I had planned on dealing with it Saturday morning, but the desire to have a bath (rather than a shower) moved up the schedule.

Here it is in all it's nastiness:
Tub Before
(Not that it's really all that easy to tell in a photo.) My tools of choice? Comet, a scrubby pad, and my cauldron from Bron (no, it's not cast iron, although my parents keep thinking it is):
Tools Of Choice (After)
As you can see, the scrubby sponge didn't survive the experience. I don't mind, really... I prefer the scrubbies without attached sponges, so now I'll just add those to my grocery list. Here's the tub after the scrub:
Tub After
Can you see the difference? I sure can! And that's with not quite all the grime removed... I gave up when the scrubby sponge did.

I love Comet. It contains bleach, but doesn't seem to bother my lungs like the liquid form does. Plus it actually *works*.

After scrubbing and rinsing, I started filling the tub. When the tub was half full, I slid the shower doors over for some reason, possibly to adjust the temperature. When I did, the roller holding up one side of the door fell off and into the tub, sprinkling the water with white powder and grit. Ew.

I turned off the water and pulled the plug, intending to rinse out whatever fell with the roller, and then refill the tub.

It turns out I have a sloooooooooow drain. *sigh*. Add draino to my grocery list.

At that point I gave up the hope of having a bath, waited for the water to drain, and had a shower. (After reinstalling the roller, of course.)

Now I will slice my fresh bread and put my getting-sick self to bed. Good night!

PS: How did the previous tenant(s) live with that grime? Didn't they find it disgusting? Ew. The only reason I put up with it as long as I did is because the apartment was supposedly cleaned before I moved in, and so I thought it might be permanent damage.


Kate said...

Instead of drano try baking soda and plain white vinegar! It works great and will not hurt your drain or your lungs I too have bad lungs asthma is nothing to fool around with! Also baking soda and white vinegar are more economical!

noricum said...

Thanks! I didn't end up buying draino because it looks like the drain is just quiet, not slow. (I'm used to them making noise and having a little whirl-pool.) When it does get slow, I'll give the baking-soda and vinegar a try. :)