Saturday, February 16, 2008

Crochet Socks

Same pattern as always. ;)
Firefly Socks
Observation: if I'm deciding on sock height during a cold snap, and I'm not limited by the yarn, I make taller socks. (It was *cold* that day!) I had quite a bit of yarn left over:
Firefly Socks
Blanket time!!!
Firefly Socks

Up next, LoveSticks, in the Sweet Sheep exclusive colourway "Fashionista", BFL base yarn:
LoveSticks Fashionista LoveSticks Fashionista Socks WIP
I'm loving these! (The base yarn seems coarser and shinier than merino, and not like the BFL I spun. Interesting. Of course, I haven't worn my BFL hat lately, so maybe I'm being somewhat forgetful. And there are always differences between different individual sheep/flocks.)

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