Friday, September 30, 2005



Yay! I got my *awesome* reveal package yesterday! Look at all the yummy yarn! The cascade 220 is raspberry red (yum!), and the glitterspun is the exact colour of Dorothy's ruby slippers! (I *must* make a pair of ruby slippers for my christmas tree!) The blue yarn is *very* yummy! It's three yarns wound together, and will make a gorgeous scarf! I love the little mirror thingies, and there is a story behind the bacon band-aids. ;)

I was lucky enough to have the amazing Regina as my secret sister! Since I said I enjoy BLTs, she sent me the bacon brothers, Soggy and Crispy, honourary members of her Vegetable Liberation Army (VLA):

Soggy & Crispy

The bacon band-aids are cammo band-aids in case Soggy or Crispy get injured on one of their missions. Since I may now reveal my sister, I can show these two as well. (They came in the first package.) They have been sending back recon reports. Since they are no longer under-cover, I will post the reports here on my blog. (Regina plans to post them too.)


DAWN said...

I stand in Awe of your bacon, if there can be such a thing. Wow!
Great yarns--fun for you.

ladylinoleum said...

I love these recon reports and the pictures are priceless...

You know Andrea, these guys sat around my place for a couple of months after I made them. I had no idea what the heck to do with them. The minute I read your bio for Secret Sistahs I knew that they needed to go live with you.

I'm glad you like your buddies...

The Shrone said...

I've been wanting to buy the bacon bandages ever since I got the latest Archie McPhee catalog! I'm jealous!

Joy said...

Ahahaha! I love the bacon theme!

Aren't reveal packages the absolute best? :)