Sunday, March 23, 2008

Things I did this weekend #5

I had another go at the tub.
The streaks are getting pretty faint, but the surface is still rough. I'm not sure if what's left is actually grime, or just a damaged surface. Next weekend I'll try either hydrogen peroxide or baking soda (with or without lemon). I haven't decided which, but I have both. I figure I'll give everything a try, and then declare what's left as permanent. (And then just try to keep the dirt from coming back.)

One nice thing about the "easy erasing pad" is that there's no chemical smell. It did seem to get everything off the shower walls (my first attempt at them, since I've been focussing on the tub until now). It's probably a bit pricey to use up an entire erasing pad per weekend, though. Then again, perhaps they'd last two if I didn't work so hard at the tub? Well, I'll see how baking soda or hydrogen peroxide work. Perhaps I can rotate through several non-smelly cleaning alternatives, and what one doesn't get, the next one will?

Other things I did this weekend:
• laundry
• grocery shopping
• vacuumed sand (I think from deteriorating bricks) and other detritus from between the sliding windows in both bedrooms and the kitchen (the living room would require moving the plants, and I still haven't gotten the bathroom window open... I haven't tried in a while, though, either)
• washed dishes
• finished a book I borrowed (several more to go)
• take naps

You'll notice there's no knitting in there... I've discovered that I like to watch TV or talk with friends while I knit. It seems wrong to knit when nothing else is going on... like I really should be doing something productive. Reading has felt frivolously decadent too, but I really need to read and return several books.

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