Friday, March 07, 2008

I Can Has Steam Cleaner?

Perhaps a steam cleaner is the way to go...? I certainly have problems with chemical cleaners. But does it actually get rid of dirt, or just kill it? Of course, even if all it does is kill it, that's still highly useful for me... killing mildew is especially good. (And chlorine is especially nasty on my lungs.) Hmmm. I must keep this in mind.

Anyone else have pros & cons on steam cleaners?

Speaking of household stuff... today I encountered *two* nice sets of $10 measuring cups! Why is it that after you're told you don't need to buy any, you can suddenly find what you were looking for? Sheesh!

I was in cooking stores looking at graters today. I didn't see any microplanes (of course, I also didn't ask the lady at the fancy store... or at any of the others), but I did find a reasonable looking grater for $15. If I don't see anything better while grocery shopping, I'll go back and pick one up on Monday. (Yay for being able to grate parmesan, and whatever else I want. ;) )

Although I didn't get what I was looking for (again), I did get a big salad spinner... not that I intend to use it for salad. Now that I only have access to coin operated (and no partial cycle selection) washing machines, I don't have a way to spin the excess water out of my handknits (beyond whipping them around my head in a net bag, and that tends to get everything else wet... and outdoors isn't practical in winter here). This spinner just might do the trick, assuming it can take the abuse I tend to dish out:
Gigantic Salad Spinner
We'll see, since I have a sweater and a pair of slippers that need washing. :)


Anonymous said...

There's a gadget for spinning salad? Does it remove excess dressing? And I'm keen to see the results of your use of it to spin your clothes...

Knittah said...

steam kills bacteria and loosens the crap out of dirt. all you have to do is wipe the surface with a sponge and it's gone!

noricum said...

Salad spinners are for when you wash your lettuce, to get the excess water out.

Personally, I like washing my lettuce ahead of time, and putting it in the fridge in a plastic bag with a paper towel. The paper towel absorbs the excess moisture, and some of the moisture is also absorbed by the lettuce to make it crispier (instead of wilted). However, salad spinners are useful if you need to use your lettuce right away.

Kate said...

Go to the hardware store for your micro plane. They are way cheaper and work exactly the same way the fancy ones at the high-end shops do! Because they are really the exact same thing a micro plane is just a fancy way of saying wood rasp! :)

noricum said...

Thanks! Will do. :)