Sunday, March 23, 2008

Things I did this weekend #4

Recently I got a chair off Freecycle... I wanted a wooden chair that I can shorten to the right height to use as a spinning chair. (I have short legs. I could shorten one of my kitchen chairs, but it seems wrong to cut down a chair that's part of a set.) I didn't mind getting one that needed a bit of repair. Happily, someone posted a set of three wooden dining room chairs that needed repair, and didn't mind that I only wanted one! I got some strange looks taking it home on the bus. The driver didn't mind at all... in fact, he joked that I needn't have brought a chair, since he already had one. ;)

Dirty chair in need of repair:
Dirty, broken chair from Freecycle
The broken spot:
Repair needed
dang... I didn't know there was a chunk of wood missing... this complicates things a bit:
Dang... I didn't know about the missing wood
Dang, that's a lot of staples... I seem to be cursed with staples this weekend:
Lots of staples to remove
Another spot needing some repair:
Repair needed
All told, there were five locations needing gluing and/or screwing. Glued and screwed, waiting for the glue to dry:
Glued and Screwed

The fabric seems to have washed up okay, so I plan to reuse it. It's a rather pretty blue. Now I just need to figure out which box my staple gun is in... I think it's in one of the boxes still packed from Chapel Hill, so hopefully it's labelled. (I labelled well at the start of that packing, but got rushed and lazy by the end.)

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