Sunday, March 23, 2008

Birthday Presents

One last quick post before I head off to my folks for dinner... here are some of the great birthday/housewarming presents I got:

H gave me an awesome iron and ironing board:
Birthday Iron
(You can see the board in the hall photos in the last post.)

Knittah sent me some lovely yarn and a journal, plus a funny card:
Birthday Yarn

I also got my dream set of measuring cups from L, and a $10 gift certificate to Ram Wools from MrsFife. Thanks everyone!


Sara said...

Hey! Happy Birthday!

I love your apartment. It always looks so cozy to me.

noricum said...

Thanks! It is cozy. :) (But not "cozy" as in "I have no space for anything", thankfully!) My birthday was actually in February, I was just slow in having friends over and then about blogging it. ;) (In fact, there's one group of friends I meant to have a party with that I never did arrange... I'm lazy about arranging parties, and it's hard to find times that work for everyone. I've just started inviting them over one by one for plain old get-togethers.)