Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Intolerance And Hatred Make For A Scary World

Things like this should be required reading. (It's a quick read... please do. Of course, it's likely not my readers who are the ones who really need to read this. At least, I hope not.)


Deneen said...

Thanks for posting this Andrea. With me, you are preaching to the choir, but it scares the hell out of me how some people think and have the opportunity to "share" with us their thoughts as representatives of the US.

Lucia said...

How can anyone say in one breath "I'm not gay bashing" and "the homosexual agenda is a worse threat than terrorism"? And how can someone like this be elected to any public office, much less a statewide one? I do not understand.

Tucker is terrific.

noricum said...

Sadly, from my experience in the South, there are places where her opinion is not that unusual. From your profile, lucia, you're in Massachusetts, which I think tends to be a much more progressive state than those in the South and more rural ones. (Note: I'm not saying everyone in rural and southern states are nuts, but that there is a higher proportion of nuts in these places.) Between voter apathy, not getting to know your representatives well enough, and thinking "well, I don't agree with them on this, but I like their stands on other things"... that's how they get elected. :(