Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jimmy The Caretaker

Okay, maybe Jimmy *is* deaf as a post... I just passed him on the way to the laundry, and he didn't hear me when I said hi. He didn't even have a clue I was there until he turned around. I guess he just must normally read lips, or something. That would also explain why he talks a bit funny. (If he can't hear what words sound like...) Perhaps he isn't mentally handicapped after all, and I just thought that because of the funny way he talked. It's hard to tell.

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Chef Mom said...

interesting. There are actually a couple of people at my work, that are hard of hearing. One of them, even was my interviewer. I did notice that he spoke with kind of a slur or not very distinct consonants. But what really seemed uncanny was the intense way in which he would stare at me. When I started work, he would often pass me by in the hallway without acknowleding my Hi. Sometime later, he told me that he can barely hear anything and lipreads most of the time. That explained the intense stare!