Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mega-Post Coming

If you're wondering about the high rate of Found on Flickr posts to real posts... it's because I seem to be swamped these days. I'm subscribed to a bunch of Flickr feeds, and it only takes seconds to skim through them to find the gems. When it comes to things that take longer, though... not only am I behind on reading blogs, but I'm behind on my own blog! I've got dozens of photos I want to blog (okay, it may only be one dozen rather than plural, but I don't have time to count... it's past my bedtime), plus lots of other exciting stuff going on. (In brief: the students and professors love me, and I *may* be *teaching* a third year theory course this summer! If you don't hear from me between now and August, that'll be why...)

Okie... I'm *tired*, so I really should go to bed. Good night! (Dishes will have to wait for tomorrow... but dinner was yummy!)

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