Friday, March 28, 2008

My Former Home

How sad... the owners of my former "apartment" complex (more like townhouses) wants to tear it down. :( My former roommate sent me the following links that were sent to her:

News 14 story:

News & Observer articles:

In my opinion, Glen Lennox was the best place to live in Chapel Hill, both in terms of location and the layout of the buildings. I'm sure the new place will be nice, but it won't have the character of the old place with the real hardwood floors, no one above or below you, and your own little patch of grass. The new development will also likely be considerably more expensive. I hope they don't go ahead with it.

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Kelli said...

Are they just trying to get rid of any and all affordable non-traditional (atypical apartment complex) housing??????? Cause, um, that's kinda what I think is going on around here. Pretty soon, young people who work in Chapel Hill but don't make big bucks will either have to live in one of the old apartment complexes in Carrboro or move to Alamance County or Durham. :-( Why mess with something that's been successful???? Argh.