Saturday, March 15, 2008

Half Clean Dishes

Half Clean Dishes

Well, I got a big chunk of the pile washed before I ran out of suds.

I actually washed that cutting board that's standing up beside the sink, but I want to do it a second time. It was my grandma's, and it's been a number of years since she died... who knows what grime it's collected since then. It was the last thing I washed before I ran out of suds, and it really seemed to do a number on the suds... so I definitely want to give it another wash. (Plus the water was kind of yellowish brown then, too. Ick!)

I think I'll have dinner before attacking the rest of the pile. That should give the first batch a chance to drip dry (except the plastic, of course, which always takes forever) and my fingers a chance to de-prune. ;)


Knittah said...

Cutting board tip: cover a cut half of lemon with salt and scrub. Works great!

noricum said...

Interesting! (It seems kind of a shameful waste of half a lemon, though... for some reason I hold lemons in a kind of awe, like they are precious things.)