Thursday, March 20, 2008

How Odd!

So, there I was, sitting and watching the 6:00 news, when I decide I really should get up and heat up my soup for dinner. So I go into the kitchen, plug in the microwave (I've been leaving it unplugged ever since I discovered it randomly making a strange noise... I'd rather not discover it had decided to burst into flames, or something), and start my soup heating. When I got back to the living room (perhaps a minute or two at most since I had left), I discovered that I had no picture on the TV. The sound was fine, but the screen was black. All the channels were the same. Turning the TV off and back on didn't help. Neither did unplugging the microwave.

After consultation with my brother (he thinks it's the filament, and that using the microwave was just a coincidence), I informed my mom that she doesn't need to save the TV guide for me any more.

Does anyone need a really big "radio"?


Deneen said...

You sure you don't have a breaker box or fuse box in your apartment.

I lived in a house that didn't have updated electric and if I used the microwave downstairs and was upstairs drying my hair, I blew the breaker. One time, I used the microwave and the coffee pot at the same time, cripes everything kept tripping.

The TV and microwave could be on the same circuit. We sometimes have that happen here and we have updated electric here.

Kate said...

Well it would make crocheting,spinning and knitting easier. You can just listen to your shows and make up your own pictures! I can't just sit and watch TV I HAVE to be crocheting and or on the computer at the same time. Sometimes I even read drives my friends absolutely crazy when I do that! :)

Sara said...

That's strange. I think your brother is wrong. The micro has everything it needs now to bring his plan for world domination to fruition....

noricum said...

Deneen: I do have a fuse box in the apartment, but it's not that. The TV only has one plug, and the sound was still working, so it still had power. (Plus there was the little green light on the front, and the fact that the screen got staticy when I turned the TV on.) What he did say is that the microwave probably didn't cause a surge that fried the TV because the filament is pretty protected from stuff like that. Come to think of it, I think the kitchen and the rest of the apartment is on separate fuses. (The two fuses are kitchen and not-kitchen.)

Kate: But I *like* being able to look up from my knitting to see stuff! (Yeah, I sort of half do it by touch.) It will go faster, though. And I won't be tempted to watch something when I should be washing my dishes... I'll be tempted to read/knit/spin/paint/etc instead! ;)

Sara: Make that almost everything... I control it's access to power! Hahahahaha!!!! ;)