Sunday, March 23, 2008

Banana Muffins

Banana Muffins

The banana muffins were finally baked late on March 10th. (Technically March 11th.)

• I think my oven runs hot.
• I don't know for sure because I apparently didn't bring my oven thermometer back with me.
• I have yet to find my kitchen timer (the microwave works... as long as I don't also need to microwave something).
• My recipe makes two dozen muffins.
• I only had one muffin tin (remedied last Tuesday).
• I should bake *earlier* in the evening.
• I finished eating all of these before I managed to blog about them
• They were tasty!
• I have yet to discover just how dead bananas have to be before they are no longer usable for banana muffins.


Vik said...

Happy Easter, Andrea!
I see your long week end was very productive!

dragon knitter said...

if you're worried about it, you can freeze dead bananas, in the skin. just toss them in. when you're ready to use them, let them thaw a bit, then squish the innards out.