Sunday, March 16, 2008

Found on Flickr

the smock

Actually found through prairiedaun.

I want a smock like this! But perhaps with an elastic back (check out the photo stream for more photos) so that I don't have to try buttoning behind my head. I can make a real mess while baking, and so something like this would be really nice. :)


Mathgirl said...

I love Amy Karol's work and having been drooling over her Bend The Rules Sewing Book. I'm planning on taking a sewing course starting in April and will be getting a sewing machine for my birthday so I can't wait to get to make fun things like this.
Oh, and I'm sure I haven't said this but missing the reading week window of opportunity, I'm dying underneather piles of work until the semester's over. so hopefully a spinning rain check in early/mid April?

noricum said...

Just drop me a line when you can straggle out from under the workload!