Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gigantic Salad Spinner Update

Gigantic Salad Spinner

Well, it turns out it works great for skeins of handspun, but the sweaters are too much for it. The sweater I tried only just fit, and then the spinner had a hard time and was slipping. I didn't want to strip the connections, and wasn't getting a huge amount of water out anyway, so I'm relegating this to smaller and lighter items... like handspun, bras, and socks. (And maybe, possibly lettuce, should I feel the need for spun lettuce.)


Bethany said...

You could always consider this:

I usually spin stuff dry in my washer -- I find it gets out a lot more water than the salad spinner. Doesn't help if you don't have a washer, though. :-)

noricum said...

Interesting! I didn't know such things existed. Hmmm... given that it says it extracts much more water than a washer, I'm a bit worried about what it would do to hand-washables.

Yeah, I used to spin stuff in my mom's washer, but now I'm living in the apartment and all I have access too (without walking a block, and it seems a bit silly to carry a dripping sweater that far) is the coin-operated washing machine... but even if I wanted to pay $1.50 for a spin, I can't select just the spin cycle. :(

Bethany said...

I imagine it's like those spinners you sometimes see in gyms to get swimsuits dry. I think the only difference between it and a washing machine or a salad spinner is that it spins faster.

I didn't know such things existed, either, but once I have a real job and have paid off the move, I'm tempted to buy the large size spinner (the one that's $130). It says you can use it on clothes before putting them in the dryer and after that they'll dry very quickly, saving lots of time and electricity. Worth trying. I could even get that and a cloths drying rack and not dry the shrink-ier stuff at all...