Sunday, March 23, 2008

Regia Galaxy Crochet Socks

Regia Galaxy Crochet Socks

Hey, look at me... I'm actually posting some of my *own* photos! And would you look at that... socks! You'd never think to see socks here, would you? ;)

I'm going to see if I can catch up on some of my blogging this morning. ;)

This pair of socks is Regia Galaxy. My next pair (already started, of course) is Cherry Tree Hill, birches colourway. Yeah, about three pairs ago I said my next pair of socks would be from my handspun, but I haven't found time to wind the yarn into a ball yet... so whenever I'm getting close to finished a pair, I just grab an already wound ball from my stash. I wouldn't want to run out of socks on the bus, now, would I? And busses aren't really conducive to winding sock yarn. ;)


Harper said...

Great socks! I found this post through Ravelry.

If you are interested in more from Mary Rhodes or her new sock pattern, check out her blog at

noricum said...

Thanks! I'll go check that out! :)