Monday, March 17, 2008

Found on Flickr

New Kick Spindle

Fascinating! I've never heard of a kick spindle before. It looks like a step somewhere between a spindle and a wheel. I wonder how nicely it works compared to each?

(The Flickr photo has a link to a blog post plus the maker... I haven't checked either out... yet.)


Confections said...

Hi, Noricum,

Thanks for featuring my new kick spindle here. It is a bit between a spindle and a spinning wheel. Use can use your foot or hand to turn the bottom wheel. Today I handspun some soft merino yarn on it.

Of course, it would go much faster on a large wheel, but there are occasions when I want to spin in other locations than my studio, and even though my wheel is portable (it's a folding Lendrum), the Mother Marion Kick Spindle (Little Meggie) can go with me anywhere and I think it's a bit easier than a traditional drop spindle, especially for beginners.

Dandy said...

it looks great!!

wonder how hard they are to make?