Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tuesday Night

Yeah, I'm posting Tuesday stuff on Thursday. So sue me.

Tuesday night was the knitting get-together at McNally Robinson. Penny pulled out her camera and started taking pictures, so I decided to take one of her. While I was at it, I took photos of the rest of the group too. I wasn't in a great spot to do so, but here's some of our group:
McNally Robinson Knit Night
McNally Robinson Knit Night
McNally Robinson Knit Night

Then I had to take my camera out again for this fantastic jacket:
McNally Robinson Knit Night
That's *not* a self-striping yarn! It's a Shelridge Farms pattern/kit. Mmmm! They have some *nice* stuff. I think I need to make these two (that second one in "blueberry jam"). But not until I've finished several of my stash sweaters... *sigh*


Katy said...

Your links aren't quite right... and when I did find the sweater they are trying to point to, its a sweater with sheep on it. Its cute, but, um, how can I say it, somewhat middle-aged.

What were you really trying to show off?

noricum said...

I fixed the links as much as I can (whoops, typo in one which made it not appear, then didn't copy and thus pasted two copies of another), but the links get sort of "intercepted" by the stupid currency question. If you answer the currency question then click the links again, it'll take you straight through the second time. (Although you may need cookies on.)

Yes, the sweater with the sheep was one of them. I like it. It looks comfortable, and cute. Perhaps I'm just getting close to middle aged, since I am 31.