Sunday, September 23, 2007


Yesterday I spent *five* hours gardening. That hurts! I trimmed two trees that some ninny had been breaking branches on (don't even get me started!), so hopefully they'll stop now. Then I started what I had *meant* to do: clean up and add a brick edging on the end of the front garden. I only got the end bit done, I'll have to do the rest next weekend (and weekends after, until the frost stops me). I'm digging up everything so that I can reorganize and add peat moss and compost to the clay soil (hopefully making it less cement-like).

See all those leaves at the bottom? Those are weeds with taproots that you can't get rid of unless you dig deep... which isn't really possible while bulbs, etc are there.

Dug, edged, and will be dug again. But not this weekend. (Mostly so I can go grocery shopping and help dad with his siding.)

Trash cans full of tree trimmings and weeds:
Tree Trimmings and Weeds
(One is only half full. I also pulled some weeds from the space between our house and the neighbour's, which is why there's so many weeds.)

I hurt.


Alice said...

Wow, what an accomplishment! I am planning on doing some yardwork this week but I keep putting it off... yours look great!

noricum said...


dragon knitter said...

i'm sore just looking at it!

hey, send me your name & snail mail addy, miss v kicked me about the prizes for the sock marathon. send it to, thanks!