Sunday, September 02, 2007

This Hurts

And no, I'm not talking about my back, which has been annoying me since yesterday. My sockapalooza package arrived this morning (Sunday!)... sort of.

We were eating breakfast (kind of late, but this *is* Sunday in the long weekend) when the doorbell rang. B got up to answer it, and called that my socks were here! Yay! He signed for the package and brought it to me. It looked like someone had sat on it. Given it's condition and extreme tardiness (postmarked August 1, today is September 2!!!!), I didn't immediately rip it open. I finished breakfast, then went downstairs to take some photos.

Sockapalooza Parcel
Sockapalooza Parcel
Sockapalooza Parcel

*Then* I excitedly ripped the package open.

Socks! Goodies! *Lots* of packing material! Packing material (uninflated plastic bags) out the wazoo... wait a second... I think I only saw three socks fall out of the box.

I look on the bed. Three socks.

I shake the packing material, even though it's transparent. No sock.

I look to the left of the bed. No sock.

I look to the right of the bed. No sock.

All that's left in the box is a card and two pieces of paper.

Canada Post Letters

In case you can't read that, one says "the enclosed item was damaged during its processing" (dated August 14), the other says "the enclosed item was part of a mail article found without contents in our processing stream" (dated August 30).

Here is what survived the 33 day "priority mail" journey:
Sockapalooza Package

I'm finding it kind of hard to express my joy at the wonderful package due to the stupidness in the postal system that lost one of my socks. The lovely ball of sock yarn looks a little roughed up too, and there's a hole like someone tried to get into the knitting-themed antenna topper. (I don't know if that hole was there pre- or post-mailing.) I kind of feel like I've been punched in the chest. How can they lose a handknit sock? It's bright pink, for goodness sake! Did they honestly think that the "2prs of socks" on the customs form meant three? Priority Mail has *got* to have tracking... trace where it's been, looking for that bright pink sock!

But anyways... the green socks fit, and I *love* them:

The pink sock fits too, is gorgeous, but is lonely for it's mate:
Missing Sock

The sockotta yarn is lovely, and I look forward to making socks with it. I love the little emergency crochet hook... it's adorable, and definitely useful to have stashed with a travelling project. I happen to have bought myself one last fall, but my pal didn't know that. (It just means we both have good taste!) The antenna topper is cute... I don't have a car, but I'll save it until I do, or pass it along to someone who does and who loves it. ;) Thank you, pal, for such a wonderful package. I'm sorry my country's postal system lost a sock you spent so much effort making.

PS: You can be sure I'll be harrassing Canada Post's customer service!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, no! This is very bad of Canada Post. How could they lose one of your socks? How disappointing for you. (But the green socks are VERY nice.)


Carrie said...

Wow--that's a shame. Lucky your Sockpal had the foresight to send you two pair--it would have been far worse to receive only one sock!!