Sunday, September 30, 2007

Semi-Lazy Weekend

Yesterday was sunny, hot, and sticky-humid. I tried being good, and got all the stuff together for gardening. I even turned a few forkfuls of dirt. But it was just too hot and sticky. I figured I could either force myself to attempt working in the garden with the result that I didn't get much done and had a miserable time, or I could go inside and enjoy myself. I opted for the second option. ;) I think I ended up knitting about five blanket squares while listening to podcasts and watching a movie. (Sequentially, not simultaneously, of course!)

Today I didn't sleep as late (yay! I need to get back on a more normal schedule so that I get to sleep earlier on weekdays), and then got half the irises dug before my dad called. Dad and I finished installing the siding, and since he was feeling kind of under the weather, we called it a day early. Now I have the rest of the evening off, and I don't even hurt!

I dared stepping on the scale before I got in the shower, and it said about 2 lbs less than the last time I stepped on. I didn't ask it for a second opinion! It's probably a blip, and I weigh way too much to be happy about this small loss (if it is a loss), but I have to start somewhere. Perhaps my gardening is doing some good after all. (And that bag of chocolate covered almonds I ate earlier this week didn't set me back as much as I thought.)


pev said...

I think gardening should count as exercise. At least for me, every time I go out and pull weeds in our front beds, my butt and thighs are rather painfully sore the next day. I think I need to weed more regularly. :P

noricum said...

Gardening is *defintely* exercise!