Tuesday, September 04, 2007

*sigh* (and a contest alert at the end)

2:49 and I'm wide awake. Around 1 am I tried reading for a bit to see if that would make me sleepy, but it didn't help. I'm torn between getting up and doing the work I'll be too tired to do tomorrow, or trying to make myself sleep in the hopes of not totally messing up my sleep schedule.

This is probably due to the nap I had today. Around 11 am I was really sleepy, so I had a nap. I semi-woke up several times... the first time I noticed I had a sore throat and a stuffed nose. I was still sleepy, so I slept some more. The second time I felt sick-sweaty. Then I woke several times feeling funky... like I had slept too much, but was still tired... and also possibly like I should eat. I didn't manage to wake up from my nap for real until around 3 pm. (Sheesh, that was a long nap!) After dispelling the low-blood-sugar shakiness, I felt fine the rest of the day. But now I'm paying for it.

What would you do in a similar situation? Work? Try to sleep? Something else?

I have some old Abien, but it's way too late now to take it. I think it may be expired too... I got it back in Chapel Hill, and I remember it not doing much the last time I tried it a month or two ago.

I think tomorrow I'll have to go for a walk whenever I feel sleepy, not nap at all, and hopefully I'll manage to re-synch my sleep schedule to something normal.

Tomorrow evening I'm joining my mom's art club. :) (I feel a bit weird, since it requires me to join the senior center too.)

Wednesday evening is knitting night at Chapters. Yay! I haven't been in *ages*. Mom says I can borrow the car. :)

3:00 am now.

So far the only side effects I'm noticing from Effexor is (1) an increased need to nap... not as bad as the Prozac, but it also means that napping during the day messes up sleeping at night (I've been taking it with dinner... but the need to nap is, of course, still during the day), and (2) I don't feel hungry... I go from not hungry and fine, to not hungry and low-blood-sugar-shakes. I've been eating at the usual times, and try to keep something on hand for those "it turns out I should have eaten something more/longer lasting" times. Sadly, I don't seem to be losing any weight even with the loss of appetite. *sigh* Perhaps if I give it more time?

My mood does seem to be pretty stable, so that's nice.

3:14 am... caught up on the few posts that appeared on bloglines since I first started trying to sleep tonight. Here's a contest for those who are interested. I haven't read the details yet.


TeaMouse said...

Nice to meet you, and thanks for entering the contest.

Sorry about how my page shows up - I had it done so I don't even know what to do to change it...:(!

Knitting at Chapters - sounds cool! I wonder if they do that here, I'll have to inquire.

Bethany said...

Aw, sorry you couldn't sleep. :-( I generally go for the Ambien in those situations, provided I'm expecting to get at least 5-6 hours of sleep, but it sounds like it works better for me than it does for you.

noricum said...

It used to work (*too* well, almost)... I think it must be expired.

noricum said...

Oh... and I was just too silly to think of it earlier. ;)