Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Post Office

I went to the post office this afternoon, so that's a few more things that aren't cluttering my room any more. ;) I mailed three packages: one to Canada, one to the USA, one to Ukraine. The one to Ukraine was the cheapest at $1.55 + tax (the doll socks). The one to Canada was the most expensive, costing more than the other two combined, even though it weighed about the same as the other two combined and didn't have to travel internationally.

After Canada Post lost a sock recently, I took extra precautions. Every item was wrapped & taped in a plastic bag with the address inside, then placed in it's envelope/box. Then I wrote the addresses with a fine permanent marker in as clear handwriting as I could manage, then reinforced the whole package with lots of packing tape. None of them will accidentally pop open, unless they're *severely* abused (at which point the contents probably won't survive either), and the inside address is there as backup.

Fingers crossed, everything will get there fine... hopefully before Christmas. ;)

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