Thursday, September 27, 2007

Returned Mail

Returned Mail

I mailed this at the post office on September 11. It arrived back here yesterday. It took them *fifteen* days to figure out that *they* were incompetant at calculating postage, and giving it back to me. (I live a few blocks away from the post office I mailed it from.)


I wonder if USPS could do a corporate take-over (or equivalent) of Canada Post?


Knitting Mama said...

Canada post has been retarded as of late. I try to now get a tracking number on anything I mail (that's not lettermail)!

They really need to figure out things, especially if they keep upping prices!

noricum said...

Yeah. :( I'm trying to decide if it's possible to have an Etsy store (I'm thinking of opening one) with the cost and unreliability of Canada Post.

Kristen said...

OMG the same thing happens to me ALL THE TIME. I can go to one post office and be charged under $1 for postage, or I can go to the one in the back of Shoppers and get charged $1.97 and the woman always makes me fill out a customs form even if I'm only sending a card.

If it weren't $6.50 to drive over the bridge to Massena, New York, and back, I'd just go there all the time instead.

noricum said...

That reminds me... each time I tried mailing this I asked for a customs form, was distracted, and left without filling one out. If it gets returned for not having one, I'm going to be *peeved*!