Sunday, September 02, 2007

Crochet Doily

Crochet Doily

Yesterday I decided to do some cleaning. I looked around my room, trying to decide where to start. (It's kind of overwhelming!) I saw my Sophie bag sitting on the bookshelf, and knew it wasn't being used as a project bag, so decided to put it away. (It actually has an "away", so it was easy.) Inside I found the aborted first start of my doily hat... aborted because the yarn had too many knots, so I had decided to start fresh. I decided to take that aborted start plus the leftovers that were also in the bag and actually make the doily. Can you believe I had *twelve* ends to weave in? Sheesh! But the doily used up nearly all the leftovers, so I'm happy.

It's unblocked in this photo... I need to do some blocking this long weekend!

I think I kind of actually enjoy making doilies when I'm not trying to use crochet thread. Something about crochet thread and I just don't get along.


pev said...

I really like this doily!

noricum said...


Anonymous said...

It does make a very nice doily. Too bad it didn't work as a hat.


noricum said...

Well, it's not like I need two identical hats. ;) It was a handy way to use up the yarn, so I'm not worried about it.

MrsFife said...

I like the colours! Normally I'm not a fan of ze variegated, but this one, I like. Maybe the alrger amount of white reduces the overwhelmingness of the variegation?