Thursday, September 06, 2007

Blocking Liesel

I rather enjoy using the cauldron Bron gave me for washing smaller handknits. It seem especially appropriate for soaking the Pink Scarf of Doom before blocking... it was a Pot o' Doom!:
Pot o' Doom

I stretched Liesel on a jury-rigged rack:
Liesel Blocking
...leftover mercerized cotton yarn, a hanger, two 30" stretcher bars (normally used when I do silk painting), towels, a shelf, and a large bag of potatoes. My original plan was to hang Liesel from the basement closeline, but she was too long. (Even to hang her from the pipes in the ceiling!)

A close-up:
Closeup of Liesel
Liesel definitely would have benefitted from either a thicker yarn or a smaller needle... but that's life. I'm not redoing her now!

Once she is dry, I will pack her and her companion (a much faster hat, but with his own grief-causing abilities) and mail them off. *Finally!* (Only a year and a few weeks late...)


Deneen said...


Daph said...

Wow, that's seriously gorgeous!

noricum said...


Liz said...

So pretty! Love the cauldron too, I need to get one of those.

Bron said...

I'm glad the cauldron is useful & not just a decoration. :)

What gorgeous lace!

Kelli said...

Liesel is very pretty, but, wow, looking at the detail makes me cringe at the same time. :-P

noricum said...

Thanks everyone!